Who do you need to contact?

Find the person you need to contact below. The areas they oversee are below their names.

Alex Buckley

Any information about Church of the Good Shepherd.

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Lynn Graham

Pastoral needs, Prayer Requests, Altar Servers, Lectors, Lay Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors, Offering Plates.

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Sally Spero

Altar Guild.

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Marsha Reilly

Music, choir, and handbells.

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Anne Braxton

Church Archives, History, Library.

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Lois Wagner

Coffee Hour Coordinator, Prayer Shawl Ministry Coordinator.

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Sister Faith Margaret

Community of the Holy Spirit Associates.

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Dana Carlson

Creation Justice, Lawn & Property Upkeep.

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Malin Irwin

CrossRoads Café & Thrift Shop.

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Benjamin South

Digital Ministries, Livestream, Technology.

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David Burton

Sharing Cabinet, Free Wednesday Lunches.

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