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Diocese of S.Ohio

Church of the Good Shepherd

Music Program

Choir Rehearsal Schedule:
Choir rehearsals are regularly scheduled every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and Sunday at 10:00 but NOT always; please check Calendar of Events this Month to confirm.

The Choir and Vocal Music Assistants, Dec 2009


Organist and Choir Director:
Marsha Reilly, M.M. - Northwestern University, has been the choir director at Good Shepherd since 1979.

If you are interested in joining the choir, we are always looking for new members. If you are high school age or older and would like more information on the choir, please contact Marsha Reilly.
(740) 593-6877    

CHOIR (2012)

Choir Members (Sept 2012):
Chuck Brient
Harolyn Brient
David Burton
Richard Carlson
Phyllis Dean
Dick Dean
Nikhil Dhinagar
Gifford Doxsee
Marsha Dutton
Katharin Foster
Ted Foster
Don Frazier
Steven Huang
Allyn Reilly
Steven Steward
Lois Wagner
Jeanne Wells
Sandi White
Joanne Worstall
Choir Scholars:
Kathryn Coccia (soprano)
Rocco Contini (Tenor)
Jenna Freisthler (alto)
Ray Wolfe (Bass)
Music Librarians: Sandi White & Katharin Foster

June Black Music Fund The June Black Music Fund was begun to honor the late wife of Bishop William G. Black. While he was rector here, June was active in the choir and continued to support church music while in Cincinnati. The monies from this fund have enabled us to enjoy a wide variety of guest musicians, to offer workshops, and more. Public events such as the Advent Festival of Lessons and Music are in part supported by free will offering but also by the June Black Music Fund. Donations to this fund are always welcome.

Our membership with the Royal School of Church Music helps us maintain links with the glorious Anglican musical tradition. The 'Choral Scholars' outreach with the School of Music and the exceptional and historic Aeolian-Skinner organ create a solid basis for the choir.

Again, if you would like to sing in the choir and/or participate special events such as the Advent/Christmas season, men's and women's ensembles, handbells, working with children, etc., please contact Marsha Reilly.
(740) 593-6877    

Advent Festival of Lessons & Music

Printed program for 2 Dec 2012 (pdf)

Audio sample from 2 December 2012
Salvation is Nearer Now
(Virgil T. Ford composer, sung by the choral scholars
Kathryn Coccia, Jenna Freisthler, Rocco Contini, and Ray Wolfe.)

Audio sample from 2 December 2012
Savior of the Nations Come
(Nun komm der Heiden Heiland, setting by Donald Rotermund)

Video sample from Dec 2004
O Gracious Light
(RealPlayer, 726 KB, lesser quality to reduce file size)