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Diocese of S. Ohio

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church of the Good Shepherd

The Campus Community


Whoever you are and wherever you are
on your journey of faith,
we welcome you.

The Church of the Good Shepherd is one of three Ohio Episcopal parishes that were built to serve a campus.   The Church's music program is among the best in the diocese, and engages professors and students with townspeople on a weekly basis.   Through it's different outreach ministries, the parish strives to meet immediate needs, to remove the root causes of injustice, to encourage forms of community that transcend divisions in our society, and to strenghten fellowship and spirititual growth.   We invite your ideas and participation.

INSIDE In-Person services have resumed;
10:30 a.m. Sunday Mornings.

Please see ORDER OF WORSHIP for details on this coming Sunday service and appropriate COVID protocol that has been made to worship services to reduce the risks of spreading the COVID-19 virus including a reminder that masks covering both your nose and mouth are required inside the building.


If you Join our Mailing List On Friday you will receive a weekly e-mail newsletter containing news, upcoming events, announcements. On Sunday evening you will receive information from the morning's 10:30 service including a full text of the sermon, a link to a video of the sermon and links to the recorded service music for the day.
image ensemble

The church sanctuary provides an excellent venue for performance and music rectals. Please call and/or leave a message at 740-593-6877 or barbara@chogs.org.

Please browse the "Events Calendar" for scheduling details and availability. Group use of the kitchen facilities and Nehls hall is sometimes avialable as well.
image Bishop Black Chapel

Need some quiet time?

Visit the Chapel.

This small chapel is located across from the concrete pad area and is open when the CrossRoads Cafe' is open. Look for this red sign.

image Bishop Black Chapel sign
image Kitchen
Wednesday community lunch

Until the COVID situation is over Wednesday Free Lunch has been suspended until further notice, a few items are available in a food pantry cabinet on the Church's front porch.

CrossRoads Cafe'

image Chapel sign
See the story
behind this ministry.

Closed except during coffee hour after the main service until after winter break.

(On Front Porch)

COVID-19 Response

Until further notice the Church building is closed to all public and church-related group meetings and events.

Office hours are from 10:00 - 2:00
Monday-Thursday, please knock.
Mask required.

This space is used for announcements, etc.


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Need personal help?
Interest in Advocacy?
Social Services?
The environment?
Local Commmunity?

... browse our Links and Resources page.

Diocese Southern Ohio, PRAXIS, Campus Ministries - PRAXIS, Campus Ministries (browse down page for Ohio Ministries)

National Church (these related sites below offer leadership development and networking opportunities)
Campus Young-adult Ministries English

Campus Young-adult Ministries Spanish

FACEBOOK - Episcopal, general for campus ministries

United Campus Ministry engages the Ohio University and Athens communities in spiritual growth, community service and work for justice, guided by socially progressive and interfaith values.

Our Priest is The Rev. Deborah Woolsey at 937-689-8895 (C) or 740-593-6877 (Church) or by e-mail at revdebwoolsey@gmail.com.

Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd, 64 University Terrace (corner of Univ. Terrace and Park Place)

Why Campus Ministry

We are compelled to engage on our campuses
Sharing the gospel, a good news that is inviting and welcoming
Seeking to be rewired
To create a home for students seeking a path to God
Compelled by the Holy Spirit to listen and learn
And unlearn
Telling the stories about what we are learning from the campus
Discovering who is our neighbor
Opening out and walking alongside
It is who I am
My heart is called to relationship
Creating a place of empathy, safety, and connection
Noticing ways we experiment with the scripts we carry
Being present for the Spirit is moving